I am Eduardo Alexandre Miranda Pinto,  a human aged 48, single with no children with a long background on Orgonomy,  psychoanalysis, philosophy, science, arts, botanics, as a writer, poet and translator, as well on social ecology, human rights watchdog, researcher on Orgonomy. 

I speak European Portuguese as my mother tongue, English,  French and Spanish a little of German and a little of Italian.

On the Myer Briggs test, I am an INTJ. My enneagram is the type 2, the helper.

Also am a high sensitive person. I can guide Young people before university, during and after university.

I have made all sorts of sports, being a very good goal keeper and a karate or jeet kune do student and athlete.

I am offering my knowledge and wisdom to a gentle family with young adults, both male and female. I am based in Lisbon in the quarter of Rêgo  , near the restaurant, A Adega da Tia Matilde ,where the soccer god Eusébio was a habitué .

Economy, music, organic farming, 

Travelling joy or well travelled, diplomatic

I have driving license but prefer not to drive 

I prefer liberal families with no drug stories or other addictions.

I work remotely from my residence by skype, landline phone or cell phone.

In the future I will be able to be present in the residence of one family

Payment : Bimonthly by bank account transfer.

Agreement between the two parts must be signed.

Please contact me by email or by phone and we can build a strategy for your beloved.