My goal is to support people worldwide, by easing their personal psychic tensions through a repertoire of tried and tested methods accumulated over 20 years.
— Eduardo Alexandre Pinto



I was born and it was bliss...

Since my early days, I have travelled a lot throughout Portugal and appreciated my country as a young democracy growing up. I was also instilled with a strong sense of nature since childhood from our family farm and the endless hours spent playing with local country folk.

Of course, there was elementary school and high school, where I was happy and the best student and athlete or at least, one of the best! Playing soccer, making music, sports, thinking and reading, were my main past-times during this period (to mention just a few!).

After my time at school, I travelled across  Europe four times and met many people. I saw different landscapes and had many interesting sensations and happy experiences, as well some bad ones (coping with these is one thing we must learn in life...).

I studied and attended courses on Wilhelm Reich Psychoanalysis, learned idioms, made translations and have practised therapy since 1997. I have also written 16 books on this area, which may be viewed here.

Some say I have a certain idiosyncrasy and a high level of energy, both physically and intellectually.